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'Glee' Horror Moment

Sunday June 27, 2010
I don't do horror -- it's just not my bag. So imagine my dismay Tuesday night when my beloved musical variety genre collided headfirst with a television creep-fest on Glee. "Will ... Read More

Scenic Sunday: Tony Nominations

Sunday June 27, 2010
The Tony Awards are upon us, and some great shows are "duke-ing" it out to win Tony's affections. The competition is stiff thanks to the high caliber of this season's ... Read More

Singer Saturday: Idina Menzel

Sunday June 27, 2010
Brown-eyed beauty Idina Menzel has wowed audiences with her unique brand of Broadway belting since the singular success of Jonathan Larson's theatrical yet poignant ode to love, Rent. Simply "Idina" to ... Read More

Friday FAQs: On or Off-Broadway?

Sunday June 27, 2010
What's the difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway? One seat ... literally. With a good dose of money invested, an Off-Broadway production can be as glitzy and fabulous as anything on the ... Read More

Theatre Thursday: Broadway Across America

Sunday June 27, 2010
Love Broadway but not located in New York City? Not a problem. You can see Broadway shows on tour through Broadway Across America. They present the official tours of Broadway ... Read More

Writer Wednesday: John Logan

Sunday June 27, 2010
Everyone loves to be recognized for their work, but the Drama Desk Awards has John Logan seeing "red." Logan's Red won the trophy for Best Original Play at the 55th Drama ... Read More

Tuesday Tips: Choosing a Monologue

Sunday June 27, 2010
The bane of every actor's existence is choosing material for an audition. We want the perfect piece to embody every fiber of our being, the full range of our soul ... Read More

Music Monday: 'La Cage' & 'Fela!' Announce Tours

Sunday June 27, 2010
Get out your feather boas and dancin' shoes! La Cage and Fela! are hitting the road. The production teams for the frenetic dance show Fela! and sensational revival La Cage Aux ... Read More

Theatre or Theater?

Sunday June 27, 2010
To E-R or to R-E? That is the question... in America, at least. "Theatre" is the French spelling of a 14th century word borrowed from the Greek, meaning "a place for ... Read More

Interview: Zach James and Christiane Noll

Sunday June 27, 2010
My love-hate relationship with Opera rears its ugly head ... again. In July, I'll talk to Broadway stars Zach James and Christiane Noll on the topic, "Musical Theatre vs. Opera: ... Read More

Tony Award Time

Sunday June 27, 2010
Get out your greasepaint and warm up your jazz hands, it's Tony time again! The 2010 Tony Awards for excellence upon the wicked stage are just a week away, and ... Read More

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