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Broadway, Off-Broadway, & New York Theatre Actors, Singers, & Dancers

Professional actors, singers, dancers, and concert artists perform theatre in New York, Chicago, Houston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and more.

Top 10 TV Shows with Broadway Stars
Top 10 TV Shows with Broadway Stars

Actors, Singers & Dancers, Oh My!
Actors, Singers & Dancers Who Performed in Theatre, Musicals, and Concerts on Broadway and Off-Broadway in New York City

Gypsy of the Year
Gypsy of the Year

Top 5 Broadway Holiday Gifts 2010
Went to the Broadway show and already have the t-shirt? Then check out these incredible items that will thrill the thespian in your life this holiday season.

'Evita' Reimagined in a Latin-Infused Broadway Revival for 2012
Evita on Broadway with Elena Roger and Ricky Martin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Time Rice, Tony Awards, Broadway Revival 2011

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