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The performers who act, sing, and dance eight shows a week range from the classically-trained hoofer to the Hollywood film star. These triple-threat actors shine on the Broadway, Off-Broadway, and New York theatre and cabaret scene.

Top 10 TV Shows with Broadway Stars
Top 10 TV Shows with Broadway Stars

Actors, Singers & Dancers, Oh My!
Actors, Singers & Dancers Who Performed in Theatre, Musicals, and Concerts on Broadway and Off-Broadway in New York City

Gypsy of the Year
Gypsy of the Year

Top 5 Broadway Holiday Gifts 2010
Went to the Broadway show and already have the t-shirt? Then check out these incredible items that will thrill the thespian in your life this holiday season.

'Evita' Reimagined in a Latin-Infused Broadway Revival for 2012
Evita on Broadway with Elena Roger and Ricky Martin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Time Rice, Tony Awards, Broadway Revival 2011

Upcoming Stars on Broadway - Summer 2014

Upcoming Movie Musicals - Summer 2014
Hollywood has a checkered history filming Broadway musicals. Will these movies hit or miss?

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