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Actors, singers & dancers bring Broadway alive in theatre, musicals, and concerts. From specialists to triple-threats, Broadway performers epitomize the artistic athlete 8 shows per week.
  1. Play Actors
  2. Musical Performers
  3. Dancers

Play Actors

The play actor is the stage performer in its purest form. Actors perform Greek tragedies, Shakespearean comedies, 20th century satire, modern realism, and every genre in between.

Musical Performers

Musicals require the most versatility from its performers. The need for proficiency in acting, singing, and dancing led to the development of the term "triple threat" to describe musical theatre performers. Character actors and character singers are also integral in the musical artform.


Shows that focus on dancing are more rare than plays, yet every bit as important. While some performers are known mostly for singing or acting, some are known predominantly for dancing.

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