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Behind the Scenes

Every actor has a story to tell. Every production has a story behind it. Learn it all in interviews, profiles, and photos of the performers you see on stage and those behind the scenes who bring the shows to life.

Natasha Richardson - An Actor's Life Remembered
A look at the career of Tony-winner Natasha Richardson

Audiences Give Gift to 'White Christmas'
A weekly summary of Broadway ticket sales

Meeting and Greeting the Cast of ‘Irving Berlin’s White Christmas’
Cast and creative team of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas meet the media.

‘Irving Berlin’s White Christmas’ – The Road to Broadway
Irving Berlin’s White Christmas makes the journey from screen to stage

'Shrek the Musical' - The Road to Broadway
'Shrek the Musical' is the movie and more on Broadway.

'Jane Austen's Emma' Unplugged
When the lights went out in Cincinnati, this show went on.

'Perfect Crime's' Catherine Russell
A life in the theater, most of it with one show.

'A Tale of Two Cities' - The Road to Broadway
This show's journey from idea to Broadway makes a stirring tale.

'South Pacific' is an Immediate Hit . . . Again
'South Pacific,' a "Golden Age" musical, is new again on Broadway.

The Reasons for 'Rent's' Success
A look at a watershed Broadway musical.

Daniel Radcliffe on 'Equus'
Playbill talks to the stars of the 'Equus' revival

Questions to Ask as You Write Your Musical
Questions to Ask as You Write Your Musical: Lesson from The New York Musical Theatre Festival

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