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The Best On and Off Broadway

The shows on and off Broadway that should be at the top of your must-see list. A show for every occasion.

10 Musicals That Changed Broadway
Musicals that made an indelible mark on Broadway

Musicals That Changed You
What musicals changed your life?

Top 5 Must See Broadway Musicals
“Must see” shows on Broadway from current hits to old favorites

5 Best Broadway Plays
If your time is short, here’s my list of “must see” plays on Broadway.

Tony Best Musicals - How Have They Performed?
How have the past 10 Tony Award Best Musical winners fared?

Disney’s Musicals on Broadway
Starting with "The Lion King," Disney has enjoyed roaring success on Broadway

Great Date Nights at the Theater
Whether it’s a long-running classic or a recently opened show, a night at one of these shows will engage and entertain you and your date.

Top 5 Valentine's Day Musicals
Five shows on Broadway now will make that special night even more special.

Best of Broadway 2008 – A Personal Top 5
My 'Best of Broadway 2008' only includes shows I personally saw this year.

Best of Broadway 2009 (So Far )
Theater highlights of the year halfway through 2009.

Reader Choices of Best Broadway Plays
What plays would you recommend that others see?

Your Favorite Musicals
The musicals you would have to see with just a few nights in New York.

Broadway Musicals Opening Spring 2009
Musicals opening on Broadway this spring

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