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Working in Theater

Hard work, talent, and commitment will go a long way toward establishing your professional career in theater. But resources and tips from theater pros will help, as well. What does a professional bio look like? Where can you get quality headshots? What is proper etiquette for auditions? Should you join a union? How much can you expect to earn?
  1. Getting Started in Acting (4)

Memory and the Actor's Mind
Experts on how actors memorize lines and help to do it better

Maintaining Motivation
Actors in long-running shows talk about keeping it fresh.

Landing Your First Professional Role
What you need to break into the professional acting ranks.

Theater Careers Defined
Brief definitions of various careers in theater

From College to Career
An in-depth guide from the University of Texas on graduating to a career in theater

Audition Resources
A site by auditioners for auditioners

Career Resource Books
Books and guides on theater careers

How to Read the Broadway Grosses
How to Read the Broadway Grosses

Questions to Ask as You Write Your Musical
Questions to Ask as You Write Your Musical: Lesson from The New York Musical Theatre Festival

Broadway? Off-Broadway? What's the Difference?
What makes a particular theater a "Broadway" theater?

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