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Review: Bonnie & Clyde Original Broadway Cast Album Recording

Frank Wildhorn's Newest Broadway Musical

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Review: Bonnie & Clyde Original Broadway Cast Album Recording

Bonnie and Clyde the New Musical by Frank Wildhorn

Bonnie and Clyde
A show about murder-happy duo Bonnie and Clyde might have been a hit with audiences had it not been about a murder-happy duo. Audiences did not take to the gleeful carnage of "Bonnie" and "Clyde" despite the Broadway chops of its stars Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan, nor did Bonnie and Clyde find favor with critics as other somber tuners such as Sweeney Todd and The Little Shop of Horrors have been embraced by the Musical Theatre community.

The Story

Set in the 1930's Great Depression, "Bonnie Parker" and "Clyde Barrow" were a couple of young idealists looking for adventure and thrills during the worst economically impoverished time in American history. With icons like Billy the Kid and Al Capone having been sensationalized in American culture, "Bonnie" and "Clyde" traveled the country making a name for themselves as outlandish criminals lashing out against their pasts filled with poverty and sexual abuse. Their love for each other was surpassed only by their need to live and die as they chose, true masters of their fate.

The Show

Bonnie and Clyde closed the month it opened on Broadway, but an original Broadway cast album was recorded anyway.

In a round of poetic "told you so," this original production of Bonnie and Clyde was nominated for 2 Tony Awards, 5 Drama Desk Awards, and 3 Outer Critics Circle Awards.

Bonnie and Clyde includes music by Frank Wildhorn, lyrics by Don Black, and a book by Ivan Menchell.

The Cast Album

This album has generated new interest in the show with musical aficionados who did not have a chance to see the Broadway production before producers yanked it off the boards.

The album features Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes, along with Claybourne Elder, Joe Hart, Louis Hobson, Melissa Van Der Schyff, Talon Ackerman, Leslie Becker, Mimi Bessette, Alison Cimmet, Daniel Cooney, Jon Fletcher, Kelsey Fowler, Victor Hernandez, Michael Lanning, Garrett Long, Matt Lutz, Marissa McGowan, and Tad Wilson.

Wildhorn's music for Bonnie and Clyde features several American music genres from Broadway to country, jazz, even rockabilly. John McDaniel, the Musical Supervisor, orchestrated the score to fully explore the sounds of Americana music. Lending particular flavor to the overall 1930's Americana sound of the show was the use of special instruments such as the dobro and mandolin.

The singing of leads Jordan and Osnes and the supporting cast exemplifies the styles of the Broadway voice as well as Americana. The only downside to the vocals is the tendency for both Jordan and Osnes to employ "breaks" in their voices to convey emotion. Other than that, all of the singing is spot on for the characters.

The sound of the album gives the feel of a live recording, so those who missed the show on stage can get the feel of the live production. The songs are singable, toe-tapping tunes that make you smile, laugh, and invite you to invest emotionally in the characters in a way that other version of this tale may not have inspired.

Song Listing

1. Prologue: How 'bout a Dance (Frank Wildhorn)
2. Picture Show (L. Osnes, J. Jordan, K. Fowler, and T. Ackerman)
3. This World Will Remember Me (Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes)
4. You're Going Back to Jail (M. Van Der Schyff, C. Elder, A. Cimmet, M. Mcgowan, and G. Long)
5. How 'bout a Dance (Laura Osnes)
6. When I Drive (Jeremy Jordan and Claybourne Elder)
7 God's Arms Are Always Open (Michael Lanning and Melissa Van Der Schyff)
8. You Can Do Better Than Him (Louis Hobson and Jeremy Jordan)
9. You Love Who You Love (Laura Osnes and Melissa Van Der Schyff)
10. Raise a Little Hell (Jeremy Jordan)
11. This World Will Remember Us (Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes)
12. Made in America (Michael Lanning)
13. Too Late to Turn Back Now (Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan)
14. That's What You Call a Dream (Melissa Van Der Schyff)
15. What Was Good Enough for You (Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes)
16. Bonnie (Jeremy Jordan)
17. Raise a Little Hell (Reprise) (Jeremy Jordan, Claybourne Elder, and Louis Hobson)
18. Dyin' Ain't So Bad (Laura Osnes)
19. Dyin' Ain't So Bad (Reprise) (Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan)
20. How 'bout a Dance (Reprise) (Laura Osnes)
21. Bonus Track: This Never Happened Before (Jeremy Jordan, Laura Osnes and Frank Wildhorn)

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