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Review: Follies 2011 Broadway Revival Cast Album

Sondheim's Greatest Musical Recorded for Posterity

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Review: Follies 2011 Broadway Revival Cast Album

Follies Broadway Revival 2011 Special Deluxe 2-CD Set


Stephen Sondheim is one of the composers/lyricists in Musical Theatre. He is practically worshipped by everyone in the industry, and the Tony-nominated 2011 Broadway revival of Follies reaffirmed his status as the greatest living American theatre composer.

The Broadway revival cast album of the 2011 Follies is a testament to the incredible performances by the hand-picked cast that includes Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Ron Raines, and Danny Burstein. Sondheim's character-driven music preserved for posterity by this special cast's most capable voices sets the bar for new musicals, revivals, and cast albums.


Two-time Tony Award-winner Bernadette Peters as "Sally Durant Plummer," four-time Tony Award-nominee Jan Maxwell as "Phyllis Rogers Stone," two-time Tony Award-nominee Danny Burstein as "Buddy Plummer," three-time Emmy Award-nominee Ron Raines as "Benjamin Stone," and four-time Olivier Award-nominee Elaine Paige as "Carlotta Campion." The stage production of 41 performers was helmed under the direction of Eric Schaeffer, with James Moore conducting a 28-piece orchestra.

Disc 1

1. Prologue ("Sally")
2. Overture ("Phyllis," "Ben," Young Buddy," & "Buddy")
3. Welcome to our first - and last - reunion... ("Weismann")
4. Beautiful Girls ("Roscoe" & "Company")
5. You came; you're really here... ("Buddy," "Sally," "Solange," "Stella," "Max," "Phyllis," "Young Phyllis," "Young Sally," & "Hattie")
6. Don't Look at Me ("Sally," "Ben," & "Young Sally")
7. I never get to talk... ("Carlotta," "Heidi," "Phyllis," "Buddy," "Young Buddy," "Ben," & "Sally")
8. Waiting for the Girls Upstairs ("Buddy," "Ben, "Phyllis," "Sally," "Young Buddy," "Young Ben," "Young Phyllis," & "Young Sally")
9. Rain on the Roof ("Emily" & "Theodore")
10. Ah, Paris! ("Solange")
11. Broadway Baby ("Hattie," "Solange," "Emily," & "Theodore")
12. The Road You Didn't Take ("Ben," "Young Buddy, "Young Ben," & "Young Phyllis")
13. Bargains, Buddy... ("Young Phyllis," "Young Ben," "Phyllis," "Buddy," & "Sally")
14. In Buddy's Eyes ("Sally," "Ben," "Young Ben," & "Young Sally")
15. Let's dish. Tell me everything... ("Phyllis," "Sally," "Stella," "Carlotta," "Dee Dee," & "Sandra")
16. Who's That Woman? ("Stella" & "The Ladies")

Disc 2

1. Follies: I had a Follies number once... ("Carlotta")
2. Follies: I'm Still Here ("Carlotta")
3. Follies: Too Many Mornings ("Ben" & "Sally" )
4. I had a Follies number once... ("Carlotta")
5. I'm Still Here ("Carlotta")
6. Too Many Mornings ("Ben" & "Sally")
7. The Right Girl ("Buddy")
8. Men are so sweet... ("Buddy," "Sally," Ben," & "Carlotta")
9. One More Kiss ("Heidi" & "Young Heidi")
10. According to statistics... ("Phyllis" & "Ben")
11. Could I Leave You? ("Phyllis")
12. You'll make a good wife, Phyl... ("Young Ben," "Young Phyllis," "Phyllis," "Ben," Buddy, "Young Buddy," "Sally," & "Young Sally")
13. Loveland ("Company")
14. You're Gonna Love Tomorrow / Love Will See Us Through ("Young Ben" & "Young Phyllis" / "Young Buddy" and "Young Sally")
15. The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues ("Buddy," "Margie," & "Sally")
16. Losing My Mind ("Sally")
17. The Story of Lucy and Jessie ("Phyllis" & "Gentlemen of the Ensemble")
18. Live, Laugh, Love ("Ben" & "Company")
19. Chaos (("Ben" & "Company")
20. End of Show ("Phyllis," "Ben," "Buddy," "Sally," "Young Buddy," "Young Ben," "Young Sally," & "Young Phyllis")
21. Follies: Loveland
22. Follies: You're Gonna Love Tomorrow / Love Will See Us Through
23. Follies: The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues
24. Follies: The Story of Lucy and Jessie
25. Follies: Live, Laugh, Love
26. Follies: Chaos
27. Follies: End of Show

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