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REVIEW: Hair - Broadway Revival Cast Album

The Hair Tribe Lets the Sun Shine In

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REVIEW: Hair - Broadway Revival Cast Album

Hair, the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical Broadway Revival Cast Album Recording

The dawning of the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical has arrived with the release of the Broadway revival cast album recording of the Tony Award-winning production of Hair. Updated for modern audiences, the 2009 version of Hair has all the rebellion and social justice awareness a neo-hippie could crave in a 21st century musical production.


Not a show for the kids, Hair, the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical is an ebullient tribute to the newly found freedoms of the various civil rights and free love movements of the 1960's. Familiar popular songs in Hair include "Aquarius," "Donna," "Hashish," "Sodomy," "I Believe in Love," "Easy to Be Hard," "Hare Krishna," "Let the Sun Shine In," and the title track "Hair."

The 2009 Broadway revival cast album of Hair resonates with the stage show's vibrant energy and palpable love of the material. The cast, called the Tribe, gives full-voiced performances of the material, making it seem fresh and relevant in our current neo-conservative era. The Hair Tribe brings the feeling of living in the moment and living the moment to the fullest on this cast recording.

2009 Revival Cast

The original 1969 Broadway production featured a Book by Gerome Ragni and James Rado, with Music by Galt MacDermot, who also composed the Tony Award winning score Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Lyrics by James Rado. The show was nominated for the Best Musical Tony Award. The 2009 Broadway revival of Hair won the Tony for Best Revival, thanks in large part to its director, Diane Paulus, and the enthusiastic cast heard on this album. Paulus also directed the 2012 Tony-winning revival of The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess.

This Tony-winning production also won Best Revival trophies for the 2009 Drama Desk Awards and Drama League Awards. This cast album won the 2009 Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album.

The cast singing on this version of Hair includes Sasha Allen as "Dionne," Allison Case as "Crissy," Tony Award nominee Gavin Creel plays "Claude," with Caissie Levy of Broadway's Ghost the Musical as "Sheila," Darius Nichols as "Hud," Bryce Ryness as "Woof," Kacie Sheik as "Jeanie," and Will Swenson, of Priscilla Queen of the Desert fame, sings "Berger," with Megan Lawrence as "Mother," and Andrew Kober as "Margaret Mead/Dad."

The ensemble cast, called the "Tribe Members," include Ato Blankson-Wood, Steel Burkhardt, Jackie Burns, Briana Carlson-Goodman, Lauren Elder, Allison Guinn, Chasten Harmon, Anthony Hollock, Kaitlin Kiyan, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Josh Lamon, Megan Lawrence, Nicole Lewis, Ryan link, John Moauro, Brandon Pearson, Megan Reinking, Paris Remillard, Michael James Scott, Saycon Sengbloh, Maya Sharpe, Theo Stockman, and Tommar Wilson.

Song Listing

Both Act I and Act II are on one CD disc. The names listed are a mixture of the lead and supporting characters as well as the ensemble actors' real first names, as listed in the liner notes.

Act I
1. Aquarius - Dionne and Tribe
2. Donna - Berger and Tribe
3. Hashish - Tribe
4. Sodomy - Woof and Tribe
5. Colored Spade - Hud and Tribe
6. Manchester England - Claude and Tribe
7. I'm Black/Ain't Got No - Hud, Woof, Berger, Claude, Dionne, and Tribe
8. Sheila Franklin/I Believe In Love - Sheila and Tribe
9. Ain't Got No Grass - Tribe
10. Air - Jeanie with Crissy and Dionne
11. Kama Sutra/The Stone Age - Berger
12. I Got Life - Claude and Tribe
13. Initials - Tribe
14. Going Down - Berger and Tribe
15. Hair - Claude, Berger, and Tribe
16. My Conviction - Margaret Mead
17. Easy To Be Hard - Sheila
18. Don't Put It Down - Berger, Woof, and Tommar
19. Frank Mills - Crissy
20. Hare Krishna/Be-In - Tribe
21. Where Do I Go? - Claude and Tribe

Act 2
22. Electric Blues - Steel, Andrew, Megan L., and Nicole
23. Oh Great God Of Power/Manchester England (Reprise) - Tribe and Claude
24. Black Boys - Megan R., Jackie, Kaitlin, Darius, Brandon, and Tommar
25. White Boys - Dionne, Nicole, and Saycon
26. Walking In Space - Dionne, Sheila, Jeanie, and Tribe
27. Minuet/African Drums
28. Yes I's Finished On Y'all's Farmlands - Darius, Ato, Brandon, and Tommar
29. Four Score/Abie Baby - Saycon, Ato, Darius, Brandon, and Tommar
30. Give Up All Desires/Hail Mary/Roll Call - Buddhadalirama, Woof, Sheila, Crissy, Jeanie, Allison G., and Lauren
31. Three-Five-Zero-Zero - Tribe
32. What A Piece Of Work Is Man/How Dare They Try - Paris, Maya, Claude, and Tribe
33. Good Morning Starshine - Sheila and Tribe
34. Aquarius Goodnights/Ain't Got No/Yip Up The Sun - Claude and Tribe
35. The Flesh Failures/Eyes Look Your Last/Let The Sun Shine In - Claude, Sheila, Woof, Dionne, Jeanie, Crissy, Jackie, and Tribe
36. Curtain Call: Hair (Reprise) - Tribe
37. Curtain Call: Let The Sun Shine In (Reprise) - Tribe

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