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How Do I Get Tickets for Sold Out Shows?


How Do I Get Tickets for Sold Out Shows?
Photo by Paul Cozby
Question: How Do I Get Tickets for Sold Out Shows?

You can get tickets for sold out shows on Broadway at just about any time, and there are four ways to do it.

  1. Start Early - You can order tickets online often up to 10 months in advance. So if you're a planner, start making plans.

  2. Use a Broker - There are many online ticket brokers who buy up blocks of tickets at popular shows then sell them for a premium. You could easily pay more than twice the face value of the ticket. But if it's your one shot in New York or a special occasion, it could be worth it. Use reputable sources such as Broadway Box.

  3. Lottery-SRO - Many (but not all) theaters have special box office deals for daily lotteries or Standing Room Only tickets. You're taking your chances, but it's better than no chance.

  4. Just Ask - Depending on the time of year, the economic conditions, the alignment of the planets, whatever, you never know if tickets are availble. Before giving up, even on short notice, just go online and see if face-value tickets are available for the date you want. You never know.

Note: I've said it several other places on this site, but it's worth saying again; never, ever buy tickets from vendors off the street.

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