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List of Broadway Shows Performing in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

The Lights of the Great White Way Will Shine On New York City


List of Broadway Shows Performing in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Broadway Lighted Marquee Sign


Hurricane Sandy has thrown New York City into a tailspin, and shows across the city were canceled Monday and Tuesday due to lack of transportation and the immediate clean-up and recovery process. Manhattan is slowly coming back to life, and the Theatre District is determined to live up to the adage, "The Show Must Go On!"

Charlotte St. Martin, the Executive Director of The Broadway League, issued this statement regarding Broadway shows' performance schedules for Wednesday, October 31, 2012:

"Most shows will go on as scheduled for both the matinee and evening performances on Wednesday, October 31st."

The following is a list of shows performing today according to the Broadway League, the official trade organization for the producers of Broadway shows. "M" stands for Matinee with "E" for Evening. Shows in bold have only one performance today:

Shows canceled today:

  • Evita (M)
  • Jersey Boys (M)
  • The Lion King (E)
  • Mary Poppins (E)
  • Scandalous (M)

Ticket holders to shows that have been canceled should contact the seller or outlet through which the tickets were bought to request a refund.

Off-Broadway and other special events around New York City have varying performing schedules as well.

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