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Top 10 Broadway Revivals for 2011

Classic Musicals and Plays Coming Back to Broadway in 2011


Producers and audiences alike hope the 2011 season on Broadway will be a successful one, both artistically and financially. Big shows and big stars will trip the lights fantastic while triple-threats hit the boards and real pit musicians strike up the band. Big musicals and intimate plays are coming back to Broadway, meaning there really is something for everyone!

1. 'Hello, Dolly!'

Archives/Getty Images

So, I'm guilty of putting a musical in the #1 spot. However, I do so with good reason(s).

  • Big cast
  • Famous (and traditional) musical theatre numbers
  • And you won't believe who's being considered for the role of "Dolly Levi" ... Read more

2. 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying'

Getty Images

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is highly anticipated if for no other reason than its star, Daniel Radcliffe, formerly "Harry Potter" in the film series of the same name.

Now that Radcliffe has shed his boy-wizard persona for good, he is looking for more mature and challenging roles. And taking the lead in a Broadway musical doesn't get more challenging, especially for someone more accustomed to the magical, not the musical, world... Read more

3. 'Death of a Salesman'

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Finally, a play! A classic one at that. Arthur Miller's brilliant tragedy, Death of a Salesman, will engross audiences in the drama of the decay of mythic Americana when Philip Seymour Hoffman dons the mantle of "Willy Loman" ... Read more

4. 'Anything Goes'

Getty Images

A true triple-threat treat is in store for Broadway musical theatre lovers! The Cole Porter classic Anything Goes returns to the Great White Way for 2011 with classic musical songs, big dance numbers, and perfect casting... Read more

5. 'That Championship Season'

'That Championship Season' Broadway Revival starring Kiefer Sutherland and Chris Noth

Jason Miller's That Championship Season hopes to score big on the Great White Way in 2011. This production should certainly draw audience members in droves to see this star-studded, testosterone-filled drama... Read more

6. 'House of Blue Leaves'

Getty Images

Edie Falco, Ben Stiller, and Jennifer Jason Leigh star in this revival of a revival. Winning awards in its previous incarnations, this production is sure to please audiences with its proven comedy writing and comedic talents leading the way.

7. 'Sweet Bird of Youth'

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images
What do you get when you cross a classic American writer and a modern icon of movie stardom with a play about a faded movie goddess and the trials and tribulations of returning to an ungrateful hometown?... Read more

8. 'Bubbling Brown Sugar'

Michael Holgate

If you love the music of decades past, then the revival of the Duke Ellington/Cab Calloway homage, Bubbling Brown Sugar, just might be your cup of tea. Produced by Ashton Springer, this revue will come to Broadway in the fall of 2011 after a national tour. The show is getting a new book by Micahel Holgate, so it's questionable whether it is a true revival. The original revue was well-received and earned three Tony Award nominations. More information will be added when it is announced.

9. 'Godspell'

Getty Images

Casual fans of the verdigris wonder Wicked may not know composer Stephen Schwartz has had a few other hit shows on his resume. Coming in the Fall of 2011, Godspell heads back to Broadway after a three-year delay.

10. 'Rent'

Brad Barket/Getty Images

(Off-Broadway) Yes, Rent is last on my list only because it's too soon to have a revival of Rent. In order for something to be "revived" it has to be dead ... a good, long while ... but with the original production running 12 years, the movie and over 5,000 performances, then the national tour just finishing up -- is it really the right time to bring Rent back? Shouldn't a show be gone long enough for you to miss it before it hits the boards again? The big consolation is that it is sure to pack the house, which will be good for the business of (Off) Broadway.

11. 'Evita' (2012)

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

So, technically, it won't hit Broadway until spring 2012, but maybe it's too exciting to wait to list this... and maybe the producers will speed up the schedule with so many other shows closing in 2011.

Most famously performed by the incredible Patti LuPone, Evita finally returns to the Broadway stage in 2012 with true Latin flavor fueling the fire of revolution ... Read more

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