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'A Tale of Two Cities' - Dickens' Classic on Broadway


101 Words About This Show:

Hedonism meets heroism. Revolution meets redemption. A Tale of Two Cities brings back to Broadway the epic, sweeping, musical “popera” of Les Miz.

A Tale takes place in London and Paris before and after the French Revolution. It’s a story of families and friends torn between conflicting loyalties and desires, bringing out the best in some, the worst in others, and singing in everyone. Only in this instance, “the worst” means sending someone to the guillotine.

Just who loses their head and why drives the story to its classic “far, far better thing,” conclusion.

Who's Who and What's What:

A Tale of Two Cities features James Barbour in an unforgettable turn as the dissolute lawyer Sydney Carton, and Brandi Burkhardt, in her Broadway debut, as Lucie Manette. Nick Wyman is a scene-stealer as the bumbling bad guy, John Barsad.

The show’s road to Broadway includes a first-time journey for Jill Santoriello, who wrote book, music, and lyrics; executive producers Barbara Russell and Ron Sharpe; and director and choreographer Warren Carlyle. And it features sets by Tony-winner Tony Walton.

Where and When:

  • Al Hirshfeld Theatre
    302 West 45th Street
  • Opening: September 18, 2008
  • Closing: November 9, 2008
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