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'Boeing-Boeing' - Broadway's Version of Hit West End Comedy


101 Words About This Show:

This was one long-delayed landing on Broadway. Boeing-Boeing was a hit French play that debuted in London in 1962 and played for seven years. A 2007 revival was again a smash and took off on Broadway in 2008.

The show, despite being French, is a classic British, door-slamming, eye-winking sex farce.

Mark, an architect in Paris, juggles three fiancés, American, Italian, and German. The girls are flight attendants, and Mark plans their arrivals and departures to the minute courtesy of their flight schedules. But a combination of the faster Boeing 707 jet and bad weather wreak havoc with Mark’s amorous juggling.

Who’s Who and What’s What:

Boeing-Boeing stars Mark Rylance, reprising his West End star turn, and Christine Baranski. With the recent addition of movie actress Missi Pyle (Galaxy Quest, Dodge Ball) in her Broadway debut, the show shows promise of becoming another stopover for well-known actors, as Chicago and Hairspray have done.

Boeing-Boeing relies on split-second timing and broad comedy, which it delivers to great effect. Great enough to win Rylance a Best Actor Tony Award and the show the Tony nod for Best Revival of a Play.

Where and When:

  • Longacre Theatre
    220 West 48th Street
  • Opening: May 4, 2008
  • Closing: January 4, 2009
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