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Theater Etiquette

Like every community, theater has its written and unwritten rules. What is acceptable to wear to the theater today? What about taking children to a show? How to react if an understudy goes on for a name player. What are the rules for visiting backstage? Theater Etiquette offers all you need to act like a veteran theatergoer.
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Attend A Show
Choosing the show that's right for you and know what to do when you get to the theater

Choosing a Show to See
On Broadway or Main Street, You Want to Choose the Right Show

Choosing Between a Musical or a Play
Make an informed selection when choosing between a musical or play

5 Things to Know about Buying Theater Tickets
Now that you’ve chosen a show to see, what’s the best way to get tickets?

5 Tips for Attending a Broadway Show
You’ve picked a show to see and bought your tickets. Now what?

5 Tips for Taking Children to the Theater
Taking children to the theater can be great for them and you

What Actors Wish You Knew About Attending the Theater
Guess what? While you’re watching actors on stage . . . they’re watching you. And there are a few things they wish you knew about attending theater.

5 Cell Phone Rules for the Theater
Some people seem never to get the message. So let's spell it out.

Golden Rules of Theater Etiquette
Washington's Shakespeare Theatre rules for theater conduct

Dressing for the Theater
How to know what to wear

Theater Etiquette 101 - 2014 Edition

How to use TKTS

10 Mistakes No Theater Fan Should Make
10 Mistakes No Theater Fan Should Make: Tips for how you can avoid embarrassment with your fellow theater fans

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