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Tony Awards for Best Sound Designer

From 2008 to the Present


Tony Awards for Best Sound Designer

Tony Award

Tony Awards

The Tony Awards began in 1947 as a means of honoring the best in Broadway theatrical productions each season. Held in June every year, the Tonys are the ultimate night of theatre for most thespians.

Over the years, several categories have come and gone. In 2008, the Tony Awards committee established the Tony Award for Best Sound Design to recognize the work done by the acoustic designers who do more than just turn body mics on.

As with other categories in the The Tony Awards, the committee created two categories, one for Plays and one for Musicals, since the work for each genre is so different.

The Tony Award winners for Best Sound Design of a Play are the following:

  • 2008: Mic Pool for The 39 Steps
  • 2009: Gregory Clarke for Equus
  • 2010: Adam Cork for Red
  • 2011: Christopher Shutt for War Horse
  • 2012: Darron L. West for Peter and the Starcatcher

The Tony Award winners for Best Sound Design of a Musical are the following:

  • 2008: Scott Lehrer for Rodgers & Hammerstein's South Pacific
  • 2009: Paul Arditti for Billy Elliot, The Musical
  • 2010: Robert Kaplowitz for Fela!
  • 2011: Brian Ronan for The Book of Mormon
  • 2012: Clive Goodwin for Once the Musical

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